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Creative Ways to Add Color to Your Rental Property

Some fantabulous home designing and color approach for rental property include the following,

Wall to Wall

Numerous homeowners paint the walls as a moderately simple approach to bring color to space. In any case, landowners and property managers frequently deny changing a rental's interior paint shading. 
You could put up wallpapers, digital wallpaper screens, floral acrylic sheets, paintings, etc. can be used to glorify the house walls. It's not only the paint that can do wonders for the house interior look.

Gather images in ombre edges of your preferred shade (rather than conventional dark or white) and assemble a gallery wall.
Paint a wall painting on a huge bit of canvas and tack it over an entire wall.
A comfortable bohemian vibe is the new in-trend that is spreading like a virus in home decoration and people are even opting for a laid-back bohemian style of furniture sets for the living room.

Punch it up

Rentals often come with outdated cabinets, fixtures, and flooring that can’t be altered. Beige, brown and off-white are the norm for these spaces, but that doesn’t mean you have to let it restrict your style.

Add visual interest and draw attention by bringing in splashy pieces of furniture and decor. Look for pieces in your favorite color or choose a theme, like sunny yellow and coral, to drown out the drab.

Vibrant painted wood chairs can give your dining space some zing. Or purchase a couch or chair in a daring tone like emerald or sapphire.

Don’t have a ton of cash to spend? Go DIY. Find furniture with good bones at your local thrift shop or garage sale, and give it a makeover. Use spray paint for smaller decor pieces and latex or chalk paint for dressers and side tables.

Add extra flair with stenciled details and paint-dipped legs. Line the backs of bookshelves with decorative paper, and temporarily replace boring kitchen and bathroom pulls and knobs with vibrant versions.
Soft Goods and Bold Tones

Textiles in assorted colors will be your best friends for dressing up your outdated or dull apartment. Start with an inviting rug in a rich jewel tone or a trendy overdyed hue. And stay away from traditional white and beige curtains — instead, opt for a bright color or lively pattern.

The same goes for bedding. White may be a traditional go-to for duvet covers, but in the case of a blah apartment, pick a print or hue that will make your bedroom an energizing getaway or relaxing retreat. If you’re looking for a calm feel, search for a bed set in cool indigo, lavender or sage. Want to make it upbeat instead? Try poppy colors like coral, tangerine or sunflower. Fun throw pillows and blankets will spice up your bed, couch, lounge chairs and more. Keep the color trend going into the bathroom and kitchen by choosing pretty hand towels and bathmats.

Pick a couple of significant central focuses to mix with shading and let the rest mixed in. 

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